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State-of-the-art access control systems

Casual theft from business premises is on the increase. It’s all too easy for an opportunist thief to walk into a busy office or workplace, possibly posing as a visitor or contractor and take his pick from a large selection of handbags, mobile phones, PDAs, laptops and other valuable items that are left casually lying around. A handbag stolen from the back of a chair might contain cash, credit cards, car keys, house keys, a driving licence or a bank statement showing the owner’s address. Just imagine the upset and disruption that could be caused through one simple act of theft.

It’s not unheard of for a business to suffer serious financial and legal problems resulting from theft of sensitive information. You may have an area of the business - such as a server room, finance office or confidential file store - that is off limits to all but a few authorised members of staff. Controlling who comes into your premises and where they can go is easy with an Access Control System fitted by Knight Installations.

We can design and install a wide range of systems to enable you to gain full control of your premises. Whether it’s a simple code-lock or standalone system, or a fully integrated PC based access control solution using biometric readers, we are confident that we can meet all of your security requirements.
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Paxton Access Control products

Standalone access control

Fitting an access control solution to a single access point is a great way to control who can enter a secure area. Usually systems will comprise either a code-lock or keypad connected to an electric door release or electromagnetic locking device. Where a higher degree of security is required or where there is a possibility that a code may be inadvertently discovered or knowingly disclosed to a third party we would normally recommend installing a swipe or proximity card reader.

Each authorised user is issued with a unique card or proximity device which, when presented to a reader, will grant access to the premises. Cards and tags are easily removed from the list of authorised users stored in the system, so you can be sure that only authorised users may enter your building or secure area.

Where security is of paramount importance, a biometric reader is capable of distinguishing unique human characteristics such as a fingerprint, the shape and distance between facial features, the complex arrangement of blood vessels on the retina or the distinct colouration and patterns of the human iris.

PC based network access control

A PC or Network based access control solution can be installed to provide security to multiple doors within a single site or even across multiple sites. Programming and activation logging is controlled from a single remote location.

All user activity can be monitored and recorded providing an instant report of who passed through a particular door at a particular time of day. Systems can also be created to provide time and attendance data for the purpose of logging and monitoring when staff arrive for work and leave at the end of the day.

In an emergency - such as a fire - doors can be remotely unlocked by a master user or automatically opened when connected to a fire alarm interface. The system can also print a roll call list to ensure that everyone has safely evacuated the premises.

Access can be organised by user groups and restricted to particular times of the day. A simple user friendly software package allows easy programming, set-up, maintenance and monitoring of the most secure areas of your premises.
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Does your business require regular monitoring? Do you want to keep a watch on visitors on your premises?  An Access Control system is what you need.

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