CCTV - be there even when you can't be there.

Knight Installations are available in Croydon, Sutton, Wimbledon and Bromley.

24/7 monitoring with CCTV

Located in Croydon, Knight Installations is available to serve you in various ways. Along with our advanced security alarms, we also provide surveillance measures such as CCTV. The sight of a CCTV security camera alone can be an effective deterrent against intruders. Our team will visit your property and pinpoint the areas where CCTV cameras will be the most effective.

We always recommend fitting the best quality CCTV cameras and recording equipment to maximise the effectiveness of your CCTV installation.

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Two outdoor CCTV cameras
A white outdoor CCTV camera

Know the benefits of CCTV

• Being watched and monitored keeps potential offenders at bay
• Presence of CCTV cameras can make people feel safer
• CCTV evidence can be vital in the prosecution of offenders
• CCTV security systems can greatly improve business efficiencies and profitability
• Control your staff more effectively
• Improve your home security

    CCTV Remote Monitoring

  Most modern Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and Network Video Recorders (NVR) can be connected to a broadband router to allow secure connection via smartphones, Android and iOS devices.
• View your CCTV images on a range of mobile devices *
• iOS and Android Smartphones
• Tablets and Laptop Computers
• Monitor your system anywhere in the world 
• 24Hr Access to Live and Recorded images
* Requires a broadband connection at the installation site and internet access on your mobile device. Mobile Data Charges may be incurred when accessing your DVR over metered internet connections. 

If you want the latest in CCTV surveillance get in touch with Knight Installations in Croydon. 
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