Remote Alarm Monitoring

Responsive remote alarm monitoring

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An expert alarm monitoring system

Remote Monitoring allows your Intruder Alarm System to attract a police response by transmitting alarm signals via the telephone network to our 24Hr Alarm Receiving Centre.

A digital communicator transmits alarm messages via the Telephone Network and can be connected to any standard telephone line whether provided by British Telecom or your local cable operator without modification or alteration to your service. It is recommended however, that connection is made to a dedicated "out-going calls only" telephone line, or that the line has an ex-directory telephone number.
A remote control fob and an alarm system
A man sitting at a desk, watching three rows of security monitors

Comprehensive security option

If a higher degree of security is required then BT Redcare is most often the system of choice. Signals are sent instantly without the need to dial up, and can even be sent whilst the telephone line is being used for other calls. In addition to this, the Redcare Host constantly polls the alarm system to check on its condition. Increasingly, insurers are demanding Redcare GSM connections for high risk / commercial installations as its meets the highest standards laid down in the new European Standard for Alarm Installations BS EN50131.

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