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Hardwired and wireless alarm systems

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Alarm systems to meet your security needs

Over the last few years, one of the major changes in the domestic environment has been the replacement of carpets with laminate or real wood flooring. Although great to look at, they present many problems for alarm installers and other tradesmen wishing to hide cables or pipework.

Until recently most professional installers would not have considered fitting wire-free alarm systems. The vast majority of the systems available were just not reliable enough to be installed in security critical environments.

However, recent improvements in battery technology and further miniaturisation of components, coupled with new narrow-band radio transmitters and receivers makes wire-free alarm systems a viable alternative to the hardwired equivalent.
The latest wirefree systems operate within a narrow band (just 20KHz) on the 868.6625MHz radio frequency offering improved reliability and performance. A simple analogy would be the difference between listening to your favourite radio station on an AM broadcast channel compared to DAB.

To find out more about wirefree systems and the benefits they offer, take a look at the Homelink 55 in the "Featured Alarms" section on our alarms page.
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An alarm point mounted on an interior wall above a door

Secured hardwired alarm system

If you are planning on installing an alarm system at your home or office, there are various things to consider. Starting from the very basic whether you need a hard wired alarm system or a wireless one. Both systems have their own set of benefits which may help you make a decision

Benefits of a hardwired alarm system:

• Low cost fee for installation
• Equipments cost less
• More secure than wireless alarm systems
• No signal interference

Benefits of wirefree alarm systems

• No wires means no electrical leads
• Communicate readily over hundreds of feet 
• Penetrating walls, building materials and other obstacles
• Do not have to rely on your home’s power grid to function
• Includes cellular notification for monitoring purposes
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Whether you want a hardwired or wirefree alarm system installed at your home or office, Knight Installations in Croydon can help
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